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The Ingredients For Curating A Digital Wargame

When it comes to digital wargaming, there are key ingredients that are essential for successfully developing and curating an engaging experience. Here is a list of what we believe are the must-haves:

Army soldiers fighting with guns and defending their country

1) A clear purpose or goal – What is the point of the game? Is it for educational purposes, entertainment, or both?

2) A target audience – Who is the game for? What age group, what gender, what interests?

3) An engaging story – What is the narrative behind the game? What are the characters and events that will drive gameplay?

4) Compelling gameplay mechanics – What makes this game fun and unique to play?

5) High-quality graphics and audio – Are the visuals and soundscape engaging and immersive?

6) A well-tested beta version – Is the game ready for public consumption? Have all the bugs been ironed out?

7) A robust marketing campaign – How will people learn about the game? How will they be encouraged to play it?

Developing a digital wargame is no small feat, but if you have all the right ingredients, the result can be truly spectacular. With careful planning and execution, your game has the potential to educate and entertain people from all walks of life.

Case of Kimiko: A wargame aficionado herself 

Kimiko is always on the lookout for new and innovative games to play. When she comes across a digital wargame that looks promising, she takes the time to read through the purpose and target audience before deciding whether or not it’s something she would be interested in playing. If the game sounds like it has potential, she’ll take a closer look at the gameplay mechanics and get a feel for how it is played. If she enjoys what she sees, she’ll add it to her collection and give it a try. If not, she’ll simply move on to the next game.

To keep Kimiko engaged, digital wargames must have a clear purpose or goal, an engaging story, and compelling gameplay mechanics. The graphics and audio are also important, but they are secondary to the overall gameplay experience. A well-tested beta version is also essential, as Kimiko does not want to waste her time playing a game that is full of bugs. Finally, a robust marketing campaign is necessary to ensure that she is aware of the game and has the opportunity to try it out.

Digital wargames have the potential to be hugely successful, but only if they are carefully crafted with all the right ingredients. With a clear vision and a commitment to quality, you can develop a game that will educate and entertain players like Kimiko for years to come.

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